Where to Advertise During the Winter

Man skiing off mountain; winter sports.

Days are getting colder, nights are getting longer, and customers are now swapping out their ice coffees for pumpkin spice lattes. Like it or not, the winter months are just around the corner. But that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize winter weather to your marketing advantage! 

Winter advertising is a hidden gem, and AllOver Media is here to help you discover why. 

Go the Distance

Mobile truck advertising offers brands a competitive advantage, no matter the season. Instead of staying stagnant, you can literally go where your customers are. Big game in town? Park outside the arena! A holiday lights festival in a popular downtown neighborhood? Set up your mobile billboard truck across the street. By investing in mobile truck advertising, you’ll always be centrally located in the middle of all the action. 

And by strategically placing your mobile billboard truck in a high traffic area, you can be there for consumers at the point of purchase. Plus, mobile billboard advertising generates between 30,00 and 70,000 vehicle impressions daily. Now, that’s a lot of attention!

Get Illuminated!

LED Mobile Billboard trucks are perfect for winter days as their dazzling light cut through the season’s dreariness. Imagine you’re just leaving the big game, exhilarated because your team won, and an LED mobile billboard truck catches your eye, advertising a cold beer. The weather’s not bad today, and you’re already out: why not stop on your way home? 

By being strategically placed and attention grabbing, your LED mobile billboard truck has influenced a brand new customer’s journey. 

Lean into the Cold 

It’s easy to think cold weather means everyone is hunkering down, but remember, customers have been cooped up most of the spring and summer this year, which means they’re looking for every opportunity possible this winter to get out of the house. For Minnesota, this is a bit of a reverse situation, but for brands looking to advertise this winter, it’s a win win. And let’s not forget that colder days mean it’s finally time for winter sports, including ice hockey, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, and even tubing. 

According to the Washington Post, spring and summer sports like golf dramatically increased during COVID-19, as people were desperate to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air and activity. It’s a fair guess that the same will happen this winter. 

Targeting consumers who are already out of the house is the best way to impact their future decision making, so be sure to place your ad campaigns where the action is. Plus, integrating winter weather images into your ads means you have a clean, crisp, white background to showcase your products.

Tap into the Warmth

After about a week of snowshoes and sweaters, most of us are ready for sandals and sunscreen again. During your winter advertising, break the mold and tap into your consumer’s dreams of sunny, sandy vacations. Colorful imagery and text will grab the attention of those passing by who are desperate to escape the season’s freezing temperatures. And by presenting an opposing image to the current climate, your message is sure to stand out! 

Winter is Coming. Are your Ad Campaigns Ready? 

Regardless of which direction you’d like to go with your winter advertising efforts, AllOver Media is here to help build an effective campaign that’s right for you, and most importantly, is engaging to your target audience. 

No longer is winter a time of hibernation. Most people have had their fill of that. Instead, it’s the perfect time to get your products, services, and brand messaging out in front of a new audience. And with our digital mobile billboard trucks, you have the power to light up even the darkest of nights!

To get started, contact us today!