Cut Through the Noise

There’s something about salons and barbershops that puts people in the mood to socialize. Your brand’s messaging can be what grabs attention before, during and after appointments. Your advertisement might even lead to the oh-so-important small talk between stylist and customer — it’s the kind of word of mouth that drives sales. Before you know it, the salon’s customers could be your customers.

Reach People Where They Live and Play

Salons and barber shops provide a relaxed atmosphere and serve as a community gathering place. When these businesses get busy, customers must wait their turn, giving them plenty of time to notice advertisements around the facility. Introduce your brand to the people who are most likely to be receptive with advertisements in salons and barber shops.

  • Indoor Common Area Poster
  • Magazine Wrap

Building a Brand Experience

At AllOver Media, we believe advertising should always be relevant and engaging. Our team learns about your customers’ behavior so we can make impressions during the times they are most likely to notice your brand. We create advertisements in barber shops and salons that add value to a person’s daily experience and lead to results you can count on.

Plan Your Advertising Campaign