The Advantages Indoor Advertising Provides to Your Brand

Indoor AdvertisingAlthough some folks call it “non-traditional,” indoor advertising is an extremely targeted, well-received medium, reaching consumers in regularly visited locations such as restaurants, night clubs, sports bars, arenas, and convenience stores. As audiences become more and more splintered — not to mention more and more wary of ads — indoor advertising engages consumers from an uncluttered, eye-level vantage point, making it unavoidable. Here are some of the advantages indoor advertising provides to your brand.

A Captive Audience

The most obvious advantage of indoor advertising is the captive audience. These days, everyone knows how tough it is to get the attention of millennials. In restrooms, though, there is plenty of time to get your message across. And nowhere else to look. They’re captive.

According to the Indoor Billboard Advertising Association, 75% of patrons in a restaurant use the restrooms. In a bar or a nightclub, the average customer uses a restroom almost three times per stay. That translates into multiple impressions per consumer.

Precise Consumer Targeting

Even though consumers view as many as 5,000+ ads a day — approaching 2 million annually — they usually remember only 1-3 percent of them without prompting. Restroom advertising is so appealing because it doesn’t get mixed in with all the other messages. In fact, a remarkable 64% of restroom visitors recall seeing one or more indoor ads.

That target audience can be reached:

  • By gender — In men’s and women’s restrooms, with separate messaging for each.
  • By lifestyle — Like sports fans in sports bars or arenas. Or moms with young kids at baby changing stations or other family-friendly venues such as fast-food restaurants, bowling alleys, day care, or play centers.
  • By other demographics such as ethnicity — For example, a Hispanic demographic can be targeted within neighborhoods that have Spanish grocery stores, laundromats, or check-cashing locations.

The endless location potential can be precisely targeted by gender, lifestyle, age, zip code, DMA, state, or even nationally.

A Good Branding Strategy

If you can put your ad message in front of an individual without any distractions, what can you expect in return? Now imagine having 1-3 minutes to spend with each individual consumer. Indoor advertising takes branding to another level.

In a study performed by Audit & Surveys Worldwide, consumers were interviewed as they exited restrooms in 14 locations, including New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. 75% of the patrons reported restroom advertising as “a good idea,” with 43% finding it “very good” and only 2% feeling it was “very poor.”

The same study found 24% of interviewees more positive toward a brand after viewing indoor advertising. Negative responses were at 5%, with the remainder reporting not being affected by the ad.

Indoor advertising takes branding to a new level. When creating a campaign, the best plan of action is not focusing on where the ads are placed, but rather on the audience targeted.

Other Creative Solutions

One way to extend your branding is to extend your indoor advertising campaign beyond the restroom. Other creative solutions can be found in items such as bar media, which are great enhancements to any indoor advertising campaign.

Additional conversations at the bar or around the table can be had with ad messages on coasters, table tents, and check presenters. Bar media items can also include posters with audio, with motion sensors that react whenever patrons walk by. When it comes to bar media, AllOver Media has endless options for you.