Start the Buying Cycle

Laundromats are prime locations to engage with a captive, undistracted audience in a positive way. With long stretches of downtime waiting for laundry to finish washing or drying, viewing ad messaging becomes a welcome way to simultaneously break up the boredom and build brand awareness. Laundromat advertising allows brands to target consumers by neighborhood, income, and more to identify the products and services they will be most receptive to.

Reach People Where They Live and Play

When you understand your customers, breaking through the media noise to connect with them is as simple as joining them outside their homes with relevant ad messaging. AllOver Media integrates advertising into consumers’ surroundings in a way that adds to — rather than detracting from — their experience.


Targeting Options:

  • Indoor Posters
  • Window Clings
  • Floor Graphics
  • Machine Clings

Building a Brand Experience

We reach on-the-go consumers wherever they are with advertising that provides multiple opportunities for your brand to connect as they go about their daily routines. Interact with your target audience where and when it matters most using impactful out-of-home media solutions from AllOver Media.

Plan Your Advertising Campaign