Location, Location, Location

AllOver Media employs comprehensive geofencing to ensure that we are connecting with potential consumers at the right time and in the right place. We strive to think creatively about where a message will mean most to people and enhance their experience instead of detracting from it. Wherever you are hoping to engage with consumers, we provide targeted options to help your advertisement hit home.


Align with Activity

Are your potential consumers busy commuters who will engage with innovative advertising inside a convenience store? With multiple targeting capabilities, like zip code, radius, and drive time, geofencing is easy to catch up to your consumer. When you understand the audience, you’ll have the insight to ensure your message hits home with location specific advertising.

Enhance the Experience

We devise methods to reach those who would most identify and engage with your messaging as they go about their day. We work tirelessly to develop creative solutions to get your message out there, but also to provide useful information that plays to your audience’s passions, lifestyle, or sense of humor.

Plan Your Advertising Campaign