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3 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Door Hanger Advertising Campaign [VIDEO]

Before you launch your next door hanger campaign, check out these 3 tips to help you make the most out of it:

#1. Keep in mind your Audience with multiple messages on the front and back of your door hanger or use one side for bilingual messaging to broaden your reach.

#2. Leave Behinds:
Consider a leave behind like a magnet, a product or even a menu. It’s a highly effective way to engage your consumer at their home and can dramatically extend the duration of your message.

#3. Attract Traffic to your Business:
Lastly get them in your door with a coupon or make it fun with a scratch off discount.

Door hangers are an eye-catching resource to display your brand’s message without getting lost in the junk mail pile. Connect your brand to consumers more effectively by bypassing traditional direct mail that gets thrown out; use door hanger advertising to set you apart from the crowd.

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What Can I Expect from Door Hangers?

Door HangersIf you’re an advertiser, you know it’s hard to get in the front door. Newspapers may offer affordable ad rates, but most readers toss or recycle them after glancing at the headlines. And direct mail gets stuck in a bundle of other junk, meaning that by the time consumers notice the ad they’re ready to throw it out. That makes door hanger advertising an easy winner in this competition.

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