Why is Gas Station Advertising So Effective? [VIDEO]

These days, advertisers are struggling with gaining attention from a target audience that is already trained to tune them out. Every media form comes with its own set of challenges for reaching a captive audience. However, one thing we can be sure of is that regardless what route a consumer travels- or what radio stations they happen to bounce between, everyone who operates a gas-powered vehicle ends up at a gas station, and while they are fueling up, they are a captive audience at the pump.

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People are very habitual about their gas station habits. Most go to a station that is within 1-2 miles of their office or home. On average, consumers spend 3-5 minutes filling their cars, meaning they have time to look around and absorb the advertising.

With gas station and convenience store advertising, you can be sure that your audience is going to be there, so you are guaranteed to reach them while they are captivated.