Use These Digital Advertising Trends to Boost Reach

What was known as “digital signage” a few years ago is blossoming into a vastly more immersive experience. It’s moved from being merely eye-catching to engaging consumers once you’ve gained their attention. Now indoor out-of-home advertising is embracing the latest technology and using digital displays to entertain, inform, and engage. These digital content displays are rapidly being supported by hardware and software innovations. If you’ve considered using digital advertising to boost your advertising message’s reach, here are some recent trends to keep an eye on.

Multiple Screens and Time-Sharing

Digital indoor advertising allows you to advertise throughout the day at different times, and with different pictures of what you offer.

Content can differ in length—lasting 7, 15, or even 30 seconds—becoming a mini commercial. Time slots and days can be targeted to a specific demographic groups. Family-friendly advertisements can appear during lunch and dinner hours when children are present, and then shift to adult-appropriate content like liquor ads or other grown-up content during late or happy hours.

Special events or concerts can be promoted like selling airlines seats. Ads can run for one day, five days, ten days, or whatever is appropriate for the event.

And with full-motion video, concert or event coverage, or a content showcasing a customer service experience from your business, make it an engaging consumer experience. Consumers are used to seeing more and more multi-screen experiences—whether it’s a synchronized video wall, a simulated aquarium attraction, or multiple screens building an immersive experience, digital advertising catches the consumer’s eye.

Mobile Interactivity and Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology opens the door for your advertising message to engage customers like never before. It enables bidirectional communication between the digital signage and customers’ mobile devices, increasing consumer engagement by delivering highly relevant messaging and content.

Recent hardware now allows for real-time encoding and streaming of content to end-point devices via IP. A hugely creative array of content can be used, including live HD video, content from IP cameras, media streamed directly from Internet sources such as YouTube, and even audio.

For example, consumers have the option of interacting with and controlling the digital content via their mobile devices. This two-screen experience allows for highly targeted audience participation—and near-limitless potential to maximize the impact of digitally delivered message.

On-Demand Delivery

With digital advertising assets throughout the U.S., AllOver Media’s HD Digital Network allows for your advertising message to be instantly updated, at the click of a button, while your media content is broadcast to a remote network of LCD Panels that target your customer demographic.

A good example is a car dealership that wants to advertise specific cars or change lease rates. The dealership can update pricing and features instantly with HD Digital Network Advertising.

With consumers spending more time with media outside their homes, having longer commuting times, along with the growth in leisure travel and longer shopping hours, consumer engagement with digital advertising will only expand. It’s an efficient way to build brands and drive transactions, with a powerful mix of formats, locations, and technology.