Tourism Industry Gets Creative To Attract Visitors

How do consumers decide on new destinations for their getaways? Increasingly departments of tourism are attempting to find the best ways to make an advertising impact. Their job is to attract new tourists who will bring dollars to their local economy. These organizations are challenged to market themselves better than competing destinations that travelers can choose from.

Standing Out In A Crowd

One way to win attention as a new destination is through out-of-home advertising and the opportunity to create large-format, eye-popping creative. Out of home stands out in a crowded marketplace through bold designs and sheer size. Ad designs visually capture the messaging agencies want to deliver to tourists and create a positive impact on consumer’s impression of the advertised destination.

Creating an Impact

Changing perception about a destination requires an impactful message. Tourism advertising must consistently and positively affect people’s long-term views of their destination. Advertising is a bridge to potential visitors. With approximately $4 billion being spent promoting the tourism industry, connecting consumers to destinations has become one of the largest and fastest growing sectors worldwide. Along this funding, destinations are looking for the best way to get the most return on investment.

According to a Forbes and Longwoods International study done on North Dakota’s “Legendary” campaign, every dollar spent in that campaign generated approximately $100 in visitor spending. Not only did North Dakota find tremendous ROI in their campaign, but that same research also showed that consumers who viewed the advertising looked upon North Dakota as a more positive place to visit, a place to move to, and purchase a second home in.

AllOver Media Attracts Tourists

AllOver Media’s proven out-of-home advertising can bring a spark to your tourism advertising campaign and attract consumers to your destination. Our creative advertising can bring your tourism brand to life in unique ways. We have worked with tourism agencies across the country to engage potential visitors. The products AllOver Media offer creates a positive connection with consumers in a unique way that stand out.