The Astonishing Effects of Truckside Billboards [VIDEO]

Truckside Billboards are high impact, large format ads that are placed as billboards on localized delivery trucks. These trucks deliver your message within a specified Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) or Designated Market Area (DMA) and provide effective billboard coverage in areas where traditional out-of-home advertising is restricted or limited.

Benefits of Truckside Billboards

When people are looking for a large format medium to create awareness and impact, they look to Truckside Billboards to provide a constant message day in, day out throughout the marketplace.

Psychological Impact

One of the benefits of Truckside Billboards is the ability to create a “virtual fleet.” Whether a company has their own fleet of delivery trucks or not, these wrapped trucks can not only enhance a company’s/advertiser’s brand awareness but also increase their perceived market share within an area.