Reach Consumers at Home with Mobile Geo-Targeting

With recent news on many state’s stay-at-home orders being extended out further, local business owners are quickly seeing the incredible value of geo-targeted mobile ad campaigns. 

As the majority of brick-and-mortar buildings remain closed to the public, or limited to only offering curbside pickup and delivery, the need to stay locally relevant, competitive, and connected to your customers is now more crucial than ever! Your customers, for instance, may have questions about whether they can order your products online or stop into your location for pick up. With effective mobile ad solutions available to you, such as geo-targeting, you can answer these questions and engage more shoppers with new product promotions, online specials, and exclusive discounts—right from their smart devices. 

Why is Geo-Targeting so Effective?

Geo-targeting allows you to target a certain demographic in a particular location at the most opportune time, resulting in the competition of a goal conversion (e.g. online order). At AllOver Media, we help you reach potential customers with creative banner ads delivered in-app (on mobile devices) to customers throughout a particular zip code, state, city, or larger region. We can even target ads to potential customers at concerts, festivals, sporting events, and more. 

This is all achieved through location data, which continues to represent a cornerstone of Out of Home (OOH) Advertising. Today, companies are using this same information to help boost brand awareness via mobile advertising and digital marketing. 

In the past, mobile advertising and geo-fencing allowed you to engage customers when they were nearby or about to enter a retail space selling your products. You could also set up your ad campaigns to target customers who were nearby one of your competitors. Though this is still an effective feature, it may not be the solution you’re looking for right now with more customers staying at home these days. Nevertheless, having the right tools, resources, and experienced advertising team to help you push the right mobile ad campaigns, at the right time, to the right customer is a smarter way to reach your target audience and stay at the top of their minds!  

Want more audience to pull out their wallets? Why not put your ads right in their pocket? Reach future customers fast with location-targeted mobile ads through AllOver Media!

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