4 Growing Out-of-Home Media Products

Posted by AllOver Media on 01/12/2017

Because consumers are becoming more segmented and splintered across media channels every day, one type of advertising is actually expanding. Nearly 100% of the population can be reached through out-of-home advertising. Here are 4 out-of-home media products that are growing fast and rising to the top in terms of popularity, innovation, and effectiveness.

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Outdoor Advertising: How to Capture Your Consumers’ Attention [VIDEO]

Posted by AllOver Media on 01/10/2017

From trucksides to bar coasters, our outdoor advertising platforms will help you reach your target audience at multiple points throughout their day. Our media platforms allow you to tie together a visual message with another platform like a radio campaign, allowing the two ads to work together cohesively.

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4 Ways Gas Station Advertising Drives Traffic to Tourist Destinations

Posted by AllOver Media on 01/05/2017

What’s the best place to advertise your tourist destination? It’s hard to find a better location than the highway they’re driving on. If your attraction is located on the famed Route 66, it makes sense to advertise along Route 66. Another great place to advertise is within 25-50 miles of the state border — close Read more…

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Powerful Alternatives to Billboard Advertising [VIDEO]

Posted by AllOver Media on 01/03/2017

The goal of any solid advertising campaign is to have your audience absorb your message. Unfortunately, it has grown more and more difficult to capture the attention of your consumers, forcing us to become more creative with the ways we advertise. Here are some powerful and effective alternatives to conventional billboard advertising that are sure Read more…

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How Truckside Advertising Can Help With Event Marketing Promotions

Posted by AllOver Media on 12/29/2016

Events can be your company’s first-line of customer engagement, an opportunity for positive interaction — the kind that builds loyalty. It’s no secret that the best ROI is gained by retaining existing customers and growing new ones. But what does it take to create a successful event marketing promotion? One of your most valuable advertising Read more…

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Why is Gas Station Advertising So Effective? [VIDEO]

Posted by AllOver Media on 12/20/2016

These days, advertisers are struggling with gaining attention from a target audience that is already trained to tune them out. Every media form comes with its own set of challenges for reaching a captive audience. However, one thing we can be sure of is that regardless what route a consumer travels- or what radio stations Read more…

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What Can I Expect from Door Hangers?

Posted by AllOver Media on 12/13/2016

If you’re an advertiser, you know it’s hard to get in the front door. Newspapers may offer affordable ad rates, but most readers toss or recycle them after glancing at the headlines. And direct mail gets stuck in a bundle of other junk, meaning that by the time consumers notice the ad they’re ready to throw Read more…

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GPS Capabilities of Door Hanger Advertising [VIDEO]

Posted by AllOver Media on 12/06/2016

Let’s face it. Door hangers are not a new idea. Advertisers have been using them for many years. But AllOver Media has layered on a couple pieces of technology that ensure your door hanger reaches that door and gets into your customer’s hands.

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Key Benefits of Digital Indoor Advertising [VIDEO]

Posted by AllOver Media on 11/22/2016

Out-of-Home advertising targets audiences where they are most captive. Thanks to advances in technology, OOH Advertising is stepping up to the next level, getting even more specific with demographics, of not only where, but when. Here are some of the key benefits to digital indoor advertising.

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Gas Station Advertising: Grab Their Attention at the Pump [VIDEO]

Posted by AllOver Media on 11/08/2016

The majority of consumers pay for their gas at the pump. On average, these consumers spend between 3-5 minutes filling their cars, making them a great captive target for gas station advertising.

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