Boosting Lottery Sales

Posted by AllOver Media on 03/21/2017

State lottery organizations are consistently challenged with growing their audience base and revenue. Finding new customers and getting people that already buy lottery tickets to purchase them more often takes a thoughtful strategy and consistent effort. Influencing potential buyers when they can make a quick decision and it’s easiest to buy tickets is key.

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Customer Focus: Millennials At Play and How to Reach Them

Posted by AllOver Media on 03/14/2017

Capture Millennials Where They Play If your customer focus is on the nation’s largest living generation, the Millennials, read this blog. Millennials (ages 18-34) now number 75.4 million surpassing the 74,9 million Baby Boomers (ages 51-69). (1) The great nocturnal spectrum of bars, clubs and lounges now belongs to a whole new crowd — and Read more…

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Driving and Texting: Engaging Young Adults with Peer-Generated Messages

Posted by AllOver Media on 03/07/2017

Distracted driving is a major problem for young adults who frequently send text messages while behind the wheel. To help increase awareness for the dangers of texting and driving, the Ad Council has teamed up with Project Yellow Light, a national public service advertising (PSA) contest and scholarship program, along with media industry and corporate Read more…

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How Lifestyle Advertising Can Be Used to Target Specific Audiences

Posted by AllOver Media on 03/03/2017

Every day, consumers are spending more time outside of the home. They have longer commutes, longer shopping hours, are spending more on leisure travel, and are making increased trips to gas stations and convenience stores.

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Access Your Audience with Indoor Advertising [VIDEO]

Posted by AllOver Media on 03/01/2017

Indoor advertising allows you to speak to a specific audience. You can target your advertising based on the visitors who frequent specific establishments ensuring that your message is heard by the people who matter most: your customer. Here are a few examples of how indoor advertising can target specific audiences:

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Use These Digital Advertising Trends to Boost Reach

Posted by AllOver Media on 02/23/2017

What was known as “digital signage” a few years ago is blossoming into a vastly more immersive experience. It’s moved from being merely eye-catching to engaging consumers once you’ve gained their attention. Now indoor out-of-home advertising is embracing the latest technology and using digital displays to entertain, inform, and engage. These digital content displays are rapidly Read more…

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Out-of-Home Media Solutions: Think Like a Consumer [VIDEO]

Posted by AllOver Media on 02/21/2017

One of the biggest challenges a business faces is delivering their advertising messages to the right people and getting them to pay attention. It can be challenging to decide where, when, and how to target an audience effectively.

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Psychographic Advertising: How and Why It Works

Posted by AllOver Media on 02/16/2017

Nearly everyone is familiar with demographics — the cold hard facts behind the consumers who buy your products and services. But even within specific demographic groups, individuals have differing opinions on the type of products they value and what motivates them to buy. This is where psychographic advertising can really benefit your advertising campaign. Here Read more…

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Truck Advertising: Changing our Perception of Billboards [VIDEO]

Posted by AllOver Media on 02/14/2017

Traditional billboards do a great job at delivering impact to passerby due to their large size. But their reach is limited because of their static nature. Enter a billboard solution on wheels – truck advertising. These mobile ads can boost your existing billboard advertising campaign and produce a higher reach in the areas where your Read more…

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4 Ways to Reach Hispanics with Out-of-Home Media

Posted by AllOver Media on 02/09/2017

The Hispanic population in the U.S. has doubled in the past ten years, making them the fastest-growing minority consumer group in the U.S. Surprisingly though, they are also one of the most underserved communities for media providing advertisers with a great opportunity to reach them. But with advertising, it’s important to know your audience. It Read more…

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