OOH More Effective Than Banner Ads In Driving Online Activity

We’ve known for a while that out-of-home advertising drives more online activity than other traditional media. But did you know that it also does a better job of driving online search and social activity than banner ads? A new study from Nielsen shows that out-of-home drives more overall activity when indexed against spend. They found 46% of US adults have used Google or another search engine due to viewing a billboard, bus shelter, or other OOH format in the past six months. That compares to 36 percent after seeing a banner ad on their computer. Nearly 40% have visited a Facebook page or posted a message on Facebook after seeing an OOH ad. Just 32 percent who saw an online banner ad had activity on Facebook.



What It Means

Based on this data, Stephen Freitas of OAAA concludes “OOH and digital ad spend is on the rise because the media perfectly complement each other, working to drive people in the real world to go online.” Further, “We know desktop banner ad sales totaled nearly $9 billion last year. This research helps reinforce the opportunity to realign budgets around what drives results and that should include OOH.” Are you a marketer looking to maximize the online activity driven by your media mix? Take a fresh look at the budget dedicated to OOH and see if reallocating makes sense.

Chart: Online Activity

Source: http://oaaa.org/StayConnected/PressReleases/tabid/327/id/5140/Default.aspx