Leaders In Digital Use OOH To Get Noticed

When digital innovators want to generate awareness, where do they turn with their marketing budgets? Frequently the need to turn heads in a compelling way leads them to out-of-home advertising. We rounded up some examples to show how these tech titans are delivering memorable ads.

Here’s a billboard from Spotify, who used their own data to humorously show the habits of their listeners. Via Mashable.

In this example from Marketing Week, Facebook took an instructional approach to teach people the steps to using Facebook Live.


Conversely Snapchat took a minmalist approach and simply displayed their phantasmic logo, recognizable to those in the know. From GeekWire.

These marketers probably already know what a recent study by Peter J. Solomon determined – OOH beats other traditional ad channels as well as digital advertising in brand recall.


Highlighted by OAAA, this effectiveness is driven by a number of factors:

  • OOH appears where consumers are actively engaged with their environment and where they spend 70{7dd1416ee44d296125d5309095d205871b45e29241d016cbe67a952aece7c226} of their waking hours.
  • OOH is not a content-bases ad channel, so ads are not inserted among other programming or news content vying for consumers’ attention.
  • OOH doesn’t need to be turned on or opened, and it can’t be delayed, skipped or ad blocked.