Make a Splash with Large Scale Outdoor Advertising

Looking to catch your audience’s eye? Since the early twentieth century, business owners have been utilizing their brick-and-mortar surroundings to advertise their brand’s unique offerings.

Examples include painting murals on walls, brick buildings, and nearby skyscrapers (OOH Today)! And though some may consider this an older form of Out of Home (OOH) Advertising, having hand-painted murals or vinyl wallscapes in high traffic areas never goes out of style! 

Why Are Ads on Buildings So Effective?

Large scale outdoor ads create a major impact for your business, helping you build brand awareness and increase customer interactions with each driver and pedestrian who passes by. And because of their massive size, they’re hard to ignore, which means having them located in heavily trafficked areas equals more impressions for your products and brand image. 

To create you a “bigger” picture of how large scale outdoor ads can benefit your OOH marketing efforts, here are three ways you can optimize your vinyl wallscapes and/or murals to create more exposure and better goal conversions: 

  1. Creative Customization: Because wallscapes can be designed using different materials (vinyl, paint, etc.) and sizes, it’s easy to customize your large scale outdoor ads to represent your brand’s image and spark curiosity and engagement from your customers. In a previous post, we discussed our favorite creative strategies for bus wrap advertising. Number one on our list was to utilize your ads’ existing surroundings to make a bolder statement. You can do the same for building ads. 

For instance, buildings can be narrow, wide, include windows, bridges, or sharp corners. At AllOver Media, we’ve helped brands transform these limitations into creative opportunities by designing eye-catching visual ads that work around awkward spaces (pictured below: Vinyl mesh wallscape located on the main artery of Lincoln Boulevard between South Bay LA and Santa Monica).

Vinyl wallscape of Toy Story in busy LA neighborhood
  1. Cross-Channel Marketing: If you follow our blog, then you already know the benefits of cross-channel marketing, but did you know that vinyl wallscapes and murals can offer other channels to optimize? You may decide to use your vinyl building advertisement to share a branded image and website link or hashtag for people to follow and learn more about your new product launch. Though very simple, offering a bit of mystery can entice customers to want to learn more about you (pictured below: hand-painted mural in West Hollywood).
Building Advertising | All Over Media

Another idea is to promote your products or advertise discounts using a special code that customers need to enter on your website or in store. This will also allow you to track metrics on the success of your building ads. 

  1. Cultural Components: The truth is both vinyl wallscapes and painted murals are some of the most attractive forms of OOH advertising. Why? They’re embedded in our culture norms. For centuries, big cities have displayed giant ad campaigns across large skyscrapers and city buildings. It’s a part of the metropolitan scene that people have come to expect, and it’s also a form of artistic expression. 

Let’s not forget that creating a painted mural that advertises your brand can become a unique staple in your community that people go to see, take pictures with, and share on social media, thus gaining you more exposure and awareness for your ad campaign (pictured below: Adhesive vinyl and Matte Laminate on Venice Beach Boardwalk).  

Painted Mural in LA

Ready to Make a Bigger Impact?

Learn how to leave a lasting impression with AllOver Media. Our team can help you design a creative OOH ad campaign that promotes your brand and drives more customers to you. 

If you’d like to see more samples of successful wallscape and mural advertising we’ve created for some of the most iconic neighborhoods in Los Angeles, reach out to us today for more details!