Hyperlocal Marketing with Digital Billboards

Phone with a three dimensional pin dropped on the screen's map

We have all seen the legendary national ads that bring the country together. Coke’s, “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” ad of the 1970’s, for example, became a symbol of the peace, love, and hippie sweat that encompassed the decade.

Though these ads can be powerful, these days they aren’t always the best option. In fact, sometimes it’s smarter to go the exact opposite route and hone in on a very specific, small audience. 

Hyperlocal marketing is becoming increasingly popular. With the advent of digital billboards and other digital out of home advertising methods, it has never been easier to individualize your marketing campaigns to maximize impact and customer engagement.

What Is Hyperlocal Marketing?

Hyperlocal marketing is an advertisement technique in which the marketing company focuses on a small subsection of the population rather than creating ads for a wider range of people. This could mean creating ultra-specific location-based ads, catering toward a specific age, gender, and race.

For example, rather than creating a wide-net beer campaign, brewery Sierra Nevada focused an ad campaign on stadiums and arenas.  They knew that sports fans coming inside would be ready and willing to drink their product. This was successful because they reached a higher percentage of individuals who were open to using their product right away, rather than reminding people of beer when they weren’t in the mindset to buy it. Now, that’s smart marketing!

The Role Of Digital Billboards

Digital billboards can be a fantastic asset in hyperlocal marketing. They are changeable, meaning you can switch your tactic based on what is going on on a given day. 

This allows you to be ultra-specific with your audience, down to the intersection where your ad lives. These resources give you the opportunity to focus on a target audience. From there you can glean more drastic results from a single advertisement. 

By zoning in on your customers, you can get creative with how you reach them. Through this process, you have the opportunity to capitalize on your most loyal clients, or attract entirely new ones. The world is your oyster with hyperlocal marketing…that is if oysters weren’t slimy and they sold products.

Let’s Get You Noticed!

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