How Lifestyle Advertising Can Be Used to Target Specific Audiences

Every day, consumers are spending more time outside of the home. They have longer commutes, longer shopping hours, are spending more on leisure travel, and are making increased trips to gas stations and convenience stores.

Lifestyle media has grown alongside consumer activities, reaching them as they go about their daily routines. Because broadcast media can’t always keep pace with busy consumers, lifestyle advertising can step in, effectively targeting specific audiences. Here’s how it works.

Your Message Front and Center

Lifestyle advertising is marketing that puts products, services, and promotions directly in front of the people who want to use them. Think of an athlete or marathon trainer interested in trying the latest sports protein bar. The advertising message is wrapped up in how the athlete or trainer practices – what he or she is interested in — and not just where they live.

So how do you incorporate lifestyle advertising into your marketing plan? It is really as simple as identifying lifestyle trends among your consumers and then reflecting that research in the messaging your advertisement shows. This method is successful because you are joining a culture, not trying to sell a product. Consumers love products and services that are personalized to them.

How 2nd Wind Uses Lifestyle Advertising

2nd Wind uses numerous AllOver Media platforms, from door hangers to gas pumps, to effectively target consumers looking to buy or rent used exercise equipment. They began with indoor advertising, using restroom signage, but continue to target their active audience using a combination of media. Click here to watch their video testimonial!