Examples of Effective Digital Indoor Advertising Campaigns

Technology is changing everything — including indoor advertising. Originally known as restroom advertising, digital indoor ads are the ultimate in captive audience marketing because consumers can’t flip through, change channels, or turn them off. Here are some examples of effective digital indoor advertising to inspire your next campaign.

Multiple Touchpoints

Indoor advertising is often grouped in “Bar Media” because it includes so many touchpoints at a bar or restaurant, from the table all the way to the restroom. Examples such as table tents and glassware can be spread within the bar or restaurant. Digital media options could include posters with audio or motion sensors that react whenever patrons walk by.

Because 75% of those patrons use the restrooms, and the average restroom visit is almost three times per stay, that translates into multiple impressions per patron.

Restroom advertising is so appealing because it doesn’t get mixed in with all the other messages. Consumers are in a relaxed setting, where they aren’t accustomed to advertising and are more open to receiving the information. In fact, a remarkable 64% of restroom visitors recall seeing one or more indoor ads.

Target Audience by Age, Gender

Since you can segment by site or by male/female restrooms, few advertising options reach their gender or age target audiences like digital indoor ads.

Feld Entertainment, which caters to demographics age 24-54, has had great success with this. Indoor digital advertising helps create the buzz ahead of Feld Entertainment’s upcoming shows.

When creating a campaign, the best plan of action is not focusing on where the ads are placed, but rather on the audience targeted. This can mean different ads depending on whether they appear in men’s or women’s restrooms.

The Speed of Digital

Digital indoor advertising is an affordable way to reach consumers on-the-go. AllOver Media’s HD Digital Network even allows for ad changeups on the fly. With the click of a button, your media content is broadcast to a remote network of LCD panels targeting your specific customer demographic. Here are three great examples:

  • A car dealership can advertise specific cars that need to move off the sales floor, or change their leasing rates. HD Digital Network Advertising allows the dealership to update pricing and features instantly.
  • Sports franchises, such as the NHL, enjoy the flexibility of digital indoor advertising. The Minnesota Wild loves the versatility to promote their season schedule, ticket packages, and merchandise via digital indoor advertising.
  • Total Transportation, a leader in the limousine service industry, reaches their target audience as the seasons change — from proms, weddings, sporting events and concerts, to wine and dine events or holiday lights tours. They quickly take advantage of technology by switching their creative messaging based on the time of year.

As consumers spend more and more time outside of their homes shopping and traveling, the opportunity to advertise to them also expands. So target your ideal audience where they are spending their time with digital indoor advertising and ensure your message is heard.