Driving Tourism With Truckside Advertising

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer vacation season. Family vacations, weekend adventures and trips to the cabin all make up part of the 1.7 billion personal trips for leisure purpose logged in the U.S. last year (1). State and local tourism agencies across the country are vying to attract travelers and the discretionary dollars they spend on food, lodging and activities. Each has a story to tell about why they can offer the experience people are searching for. Many need to create awareness for what they can offer prospective visitors and change existing perceptions about their destination. Truckside advertising is a powerful option for tourism marketers.

South Dakota Tourism ad on a box truck wrap

Truckside Ads Are Mobile Billboards

Reaching drivers is an important factor when marketing to travelers. For vacation trips less than 250 miles away, 97% are by personal vehicle (1). Out-of-home advertising is an efficient option for reaching large numbers of potential road-trippers. 86% of adults are away from home and the workplace sometime during the day (2). Truckside advertising is an OOH opportunity that reaches this audience while they are on-the-go. High impact, large format panels effectively deliver bold visuals that get attention. These mobile billboards reach drivers on the main highways and roadways in a market, putting messages in front of commuters. Unlike traditional billboards, they also reach people in populated retail shopping areas, convenience stores, schools and hospitals during the busiest parts of the day.

Maine Tourism
Maine Office of Tourism

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