Digital Mobile Truck Advertising – Four Strategies for Building Brand Awareness

Looking to kickstart your brand’s marketing strategy this year? Now is the time to begin brainstorming ideas on how to increase your brand’s engagement among audiences at home and on the go.

For decades, truck advertising has allowed companies to creatively capture the attention of new leads, as well as engage current and past customers, from anywhere on the road. And as technology continues to evolve, digital mobile truck advertising—combined with digital advertising—has become a major marketing tool to help showcase your brand’s identity, new products, services, and more!

If you’re considering the benefits of digital billboard truck advertising to enhance brand awareness and achieve better word of mouth, here are four creative campaign ideas to consider in 2020.

Four Effective Digital Truck Advertising Campaigns to Try in 2020

  • Retail Store Openings: Opening a new store location?Custom truck LED mobile billboards make spreading the word easy and convenient. Including your business’s logo, new address, and a quick call to action that encourages customers to “shop now” will help draw more attention and make it easier for passing drivers and pedestrians to understand your message and act upon its information. Scheduling the trucks’ routes in close proximity to your new location may also encourage shoppers to stop into your location that day, offering an immediate return on your investment.
  • Promotional Events: If your business is planning an upcoming fundraiser, new product launch, or special event, streaming special announcements across mobile digital billboards can help create hype around the event and reach more audiences in less time. And because truckside ads are easier to view from a distance above traffic, your promotional message will always receive maximum exposure.
  • Special Pricing: Cutting prices or announcing a limited special discount on products or services? There’s no better way to create a sense of urgency among customers to make a purchase than having that message spread across a mobile digital billboard.
  • Event Marketing: Popup events are a great way to advertise and engage new audiences. Whether you’re promoting your product or services at a sporting event, new opening, fundraiser, or other public gathering, let your digital truck digital do the extra leg work. At AllOver Media, our latest technology LED billboard trucks can also play video, animated art, or static images to attract more customers and share your message in a custom fashion.

Ready to Plan Your 2020 Marketing Campaign?

Engage your customers and increase word of mouth about your brand this year with AllOver Media. From digital billboard truck advertising to bus wraps, digital wallscapes, and more, our experienced team will work with you to structure a marketing strategy that will enhance your brand and encourage customer loyalty all year long.