Digital Mobile Billboards: Messaging on the Move

People are always on the move, and there’s a lot out there competing for their attention. If you’re looking for creative strategies to get your brand messaging on the move, so it reaches more customers in multiple locations, mobile digital billboard trucks offer a flexible, cost-effective solution! 

Digital Mobile Billboard truck in city

In a previous blog post, we discussed the 5 advantages of mobile billboard trucks. This time around, we want to expand on its geographic benefits.

How Mobile Billboard Trucks Help You Go the Distance

Many of us are familiar with traditional billboard displays across highways. They let us know which restaurants to try at the next exit, what shopping centers are nearby, and what popular casinos, wineries, or racetracks we have to visit while we’re in town. 

Though effective, when you’re driving down the highway at a minimum of 65 mph, it’s hard to take in all the information while also concentrating on the road (and traffic) in front of you. And let’s not forget there are many billboards advertising a similar message, which might steal the spotlight from your own ad campaign. 

So how do you stay competitive with your Out of Home (OOH) Advertising? You make your ad campaign move in the direction of your customers. 

  • More Locations. More Impressions: Rather than having your advertising static and positioned alongside your competitors, why not get your messaging up and moving along with your customers? With mobile digital billboard trucks, you have the flexibility and freedom to keep your ad campaigns on the move. This means rather than only having one opportunity to see your ad, your customers are driving alongside it.
  • Increased Awareness. Decreased Cost: The more billboards you have, the higher your marketing spend will be. The size of your billboards can also affect costs, as well. With mobile digital billboard trucks, however, your ad campaigns will be in multiple places and reach more audiences without hurting your wallet. And you’ll also have the option of custom features, which grants your business added flexibility and creativity to engage customers with unique messaging, logo design, and colors for better awareness. 
  • Target Specific Geos. Grow Goal Conversions. Aside from added exposure for your brand, mobile digital billboard trucks allow you to put your marketing data to better use. If you know your target audience lives in a particular neighborhood or geographic region, you can schedule trucks to frequent those specific areas often or reposition them during community events or activities, where you’re sure to receive extra attention. This major advantage ensures you send your ad campaign directly to your target demographic, which will increase sales, attract interest, and connect people to your brand.

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