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How Truckside Advertising Can Help With Event Marketing Promotions

Truckside AdvertisingEvents can be your company’s first-line of customer engagement, an opportunity for positive interaction — the kind that builds loyalty. It’s no secret that the best ROI is gained by retaining existing customers and growing new ones. But what does it take to create a successful event marketing promotion? One of your most valuable advertising assets could be driving right down the street. Here are some of the ways you can use truckside advertising for event marketing promotions.

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The Astonishing Effects of Truckside Billboards [VIDEO]

Truckside Billboards are high impact, large format ads that are placed as billboards on localized delivery trucks. These trucks deliver your message within a specified Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) or Designated Market Area (DMA) and provide effective billboard coverage in areas where traditional out-of-home advertising is restricted or limited. 
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