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The Truth About Digital

Recently, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) re-launched their “Feel the Real’ campaign. It spotlights how outdoor advertising can capture attention and spotlights the viewership problems of digital media. It’s also meant to portray out-of-home as “a perfect complement to the digital space, because it’s out there in the real world and can help guide you to some of that digital content,” says OAAA Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas. (1)

Digital advertisers estimate that bot fraud will cost brands $7.2 billion globally this year, mainly with online display ads. OAAA and its members conducted an experiment meant to demonstrate the role that out of home (OOH) advertising can play in driving digital engagement. (2)

There’s a lot of fraud going on in the digital realm and one of the main issues is bots. You’re getting these false impressions on ads. You have to pick up on that fraud and discriminate between what’s a real impression versus what’s an automated or fake one. (3)

OAAA hopes to spark a frank conversation about digital advertising’s reality problem and demonstrate how OOH can help make digital real and drive digital engagement in an era of digital fraud.

The Data

What do we know about how media like OOH works in the real world that can help us not just further our understanding of digital’s reality problem but actually start to solve it? We know there are powerful interactions between OOH advertising and digital engagement, especially in the age of smartphones and social media. For example, we know:

  • 23% of people exposed to OOH use their mobile device to search for more information vs. 16% for other media
  • OOH is nearly 3 times more efficient at driving online search activity than TV, radio and print
  • OOH delivers creative impact and acts as a catalyst for effectiveness within integrated campaigns, with 92% of recent Cannes Titanium and Effectiveness Award winning campaigns using OOH as part of their media mix.

OAAA set out to demonstrate the role OOH could play in the digital world arm 21st century marketers with a series of best practices for turning OOH into a powerful force multiplier in driving digital engagement.

Watch a quick video detailing of the OAAA “Feel the Real” experiment below. The experiment’s test subjects include marketing, advertising, and media professionals. In others words, you. (2)

Feel The Real Video

How to WIN the battle

Call your OOH sales rep now to enhance your digital campaign.

Last fall the Outdoor Advertising Association of America won attention during Advertising Week with a set of very effective out-of-home ads for, well, out-of home ads. With truckside ads attacking ad fraud online and precisely-placed signs targeting individual ad buyers by name, the campaign drove traffic to, demonstrating the power of its own medium and simultaneously sowing doubt about betting everything on digital.

OAAA knew from past studies that out of home advertising drives more engagement than TV, radio and print and had a hypothesis that they can do targeted out of home advertising that would drive online traffic,” said Ted Florea, chief strategy officer, Partners NYC, which created the “Feel the Real” campaign. Out of home has always been the medium that gives brands this big bold presence in the real world,” said Nancy Fletcher, president and CEO of Outdoor Advertising Association of America. “The fact it can also drive real clicks by real people was one of the big learnings and excitements that came out of this campaign. (4)

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