4 Creative Ways to Raise Awareness with Bar Advertising

Bar advertising is a great way to raise awareness for any product. But for a TV show named “Bar Rescue,” it seems like a no-brainer. Here are some of the creative ways Spike TV’s Bar Rescue used bar media effectively.

1. Branded Coasters

Some of our most popular forms of bar advertising are our coaster products. You can put anything on coasters, from brand advertising to educational information or coupon promotions.

2. Table Tents

Table tents are another effective type of bar advertising. You can combine them with coasters to really drive home your message with multiple touchpoints.

3. Bill Inserts

Bill inserts are an innovative piece of advertising that goes with a customer’s bill when they pay at a bar or restaurant.

4. Customized Execution

There are many other customizable products for bar advertising, such as branded matchbooks, or branded glassware. You can really get pretty creative to spread your message throughout the bar or restaurant.